13 Shows and Movies ‘Heartstopper’ Fans Should Watch Next

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  • Heartstopper” is a sweet coming-of-age romance series about two high school boys.
  • If you just finished the series on Netflix, you might be looking for similar shows and films to stream.
  • We recommend fans check out movies like “Love, Simon” and series like “Julie and the Phantoms.”

Heartstopper” is one of the most popular new shows on Netflix; in the time since the series premiered, it has spent three weeks in Netflix’s global top 10 and has been viewed for over 14,000,000 hours. It’s also one of


‘s best-reviewed series, with a “100% Certified Fresh” rating on review-aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes

The show centers around a friendship between two high school boys that quickly blossoms into something more. “Heartstopper” is noteworthy for offering a really realistic portrayal of bisexuality and coming out. 

If you’ve already watched all eight episodes of “Heartstopper” and you’re looking for something else like it, we’ve rounded up 13 shows and movies to check out next. Our picks range from sitcoms to dramas, and they all feature LGBTQ themes and school settings. All of our recommendations are also fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Check out 13 shows and movies to stream if you liked ‘Heartstopper’

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