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A Review of Audiobooks.com.Is it as good as Audible?

A Review of Audiobooks.com.Is it as good as Audible?

It seems that audiobooks.com is the nearest competitor of Audible. Audible and Audiobooks.com both offer similar products. Is there a difference between them?


Audiobooks.com supplies over 200,000 audiobooks at a competitive price. According to my testing and use since 2019, it has a great selection. Additionally, they offer easy-to-use audiobooks apps that are highly rated.  It has two problems: the return policy for books needs improvement, and smart speakers are not supported.

For the purpose of comparison, I signed up for a 30-day free trial of audiobooks.com and compared it to the Audible service. Aside from looking at pricing, I also investigated its apps, library, and customer service.


You Own the Book for Life
Large Library 200K+ Titles
All You Can Read Book Clubs
App Store Rating 4.3 ☆
Android & Apple Apps Available


Book Returns Policy
No Smart Speaker Support

Audiobooks.com Pricing

Free Trial

You can sign up for a free 30-day trial at Audiobooks.com where you’ll receive 3 free credits worth 3 audiobooks, as well as access to a VIP Book.  Taking advantage of this trial is highly recommended.

Join a monthly membership plan

It costs $14.95 a month to participate, which gives you an extra VIP book from a curated selection under each subscription.

Thus, the average cost of a book is $7.48.

There is only one problem with this: the VIP book is not actually yours.  Although it will always be in your library, if you end your subscription, it will only be available as long as you still have credit for it.

Consequently, every VIP book you have will be removed as they were only lent to you, they were not purchased by you.

If you end your subscription, you would have to pay $14.95 per book.

The good news is that they’re always running 2-for-1 deals, which means that if you buy books during the deal, you’ll probably bring your average book cost back down to $7.50.

App Interface

It was hard to understand why so many people were complaining. Perhaps audiobooks.com’s app has been updated since the reviews are old. The app worked well on my iPhone, and searching for books was straightforward. I am certain I would get used to it pretty quickly, even if it isn’t as user-friendly as Audible.

You should be aware that audiobooks.com isn’t compatible with Kindles. Only iPhones and Android devices can use the app.

You can’t download audiobooks to listen to them offline according to some reviews. In reality, it wasn’t like that. Audiobooks.com was a “streaming only” service for a while. With their new subscription model, you are able to easily download books.

Introducing the Audiobooks.com Book Club in 2021

With the introduction of Book Club, Audiobooks has added an amazing new member benefit. The book credit you redeem can be used to access one of eight book clubs for 30 days instead of buying a single book. 

You will then have unlimited access to the books in these book clubs when you join them. It appears each book club has access to at least 200 books. It is an innovative new offering. As a result, do not expect to see any of the latest bestsellers, since most of the books are over two years old.

Last but not least, if you use your credit on the book club, you will not own the book forever; rather, you will have access to unlimited books on a 30-day trial basis.

A library of Audiobooks.com

It is the easiest way to browse and discover new audiobooks in the Audiobooks library online and on the mobile app.  It has an attractive layout and a curated recommendation engine that is very effective. There is an enormous selection of books, comparable to Audible and far superior to

Terms and Conditions of Service and Returns

As opposed to Audible, you can’t easily return an audiobook on Audiobooks.com.

According to the user agreement, refunds are granted at the discretion of Audiobooks.com. We do not offer refunds on any subscription charges”.

There is room for improvement and greater clarity at Audiobooks.com in this area. You have a 12-month book return policy with Audible.  In other words, you can return a book for any reason, even if you have listened to it to the end.  That’s a great return policy.

The Verdict: Audiobooks.com

Featuring over 200,000 audiobooks, Audiobooks.com has an excellent selection.  Pricing combined with a user-friendly App makes it a worthy option for audiobooks.  The only drawback I can see is that the policy for returns is ambiguous.

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