How to Change the Time on Your Amazon Firestick

  • To change the time on your Amazon Firestick, you have to alter the device’s time zone. 
  • The time and time zone for your Firestick is usually set automatically via the internet. 
  • To set the time zone, go to Settings, then Preference, and choose Time Zone.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t need to worry about setting the time on your

Amazon Fire TV

Stick (also known as the Firestick). It automatically sets its own time via the internet, and that means you can use the Firestick without worrying about setting the time or adjusting it for daylight savings time twice a year. 

But if the Firestick is set to the wrong time zone, you might have problems scheduling the device or recording live TV. The solution? You cannot change the time (i.e., the minutes after the hour) that your Firestick is set to, but you can change the time zone that your Firestick is using.

How to change the time zone on your Amazon Firestick

You can’t change the exact time that your Firestick is set to; that happens automatically via the internet. But if the time on your Firestick is offset from local time by some number of hours, you can change the time zone, which can correct the time for your device. 

1. Press the Home button on your Amazon Firestick to go to the Home page. 

The Firestick remote control.

Use the Firestick remote to go to the Home page.

Dave Johnson

2. Choose Settings (the gear-shaped icon at the far right of the screen).

3. Choose Preferences.

The Settings menu on Fire TV.

After choosing Settings, go to Preferences.

Dave Johnson

4. Choose Time Zone.

5. Select the region or time zone you want to set your Firestick to. 

The time zone controls for Fire TV.

Choose the time zone you prefer and then return to the Home page.

Dave Johnson

6. Press the Home button to return to the Home screen. 

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