Oceania Saw One of Its Strongest Bookings After Offering 2024 Cruises

  • On May 4, Oceania Cruises opened reservations for over 350 cruises in 2024 ranging from seven to 82 days.
  • This opening day is now one of the small luxury cruise line’s strongest booking days.
  • The most popular itinerary was a 35-day cruise around Australia which was over 60% booked by the end of the day.

Oceania Cruises says it saw one of its strongest booking days ever after opening reservations for its 2024 cruise itineraries, a sign that demand for life at sea hasn’t waned amid the industry’s rapid return during COVID-19.

On May 4, Oceania Cruises welcomed an influx of bookings for over 350 itineraries ranging from seven to 82 days. While the majority of reservations were made by repeat customers, one-third of the day’s bookings came from newcomers to the brand.

Cruises headed to Asia were the most popular, although South America and northern European cruises aboard the Oceania Marina also booked “exceptionally well,” according to the company. Cruises bringing travelers to the South Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand also saw “strong demand,” including the most popular itinerary: a 35-day cruise around Australia, which was over 60% booked within the first day.

This collection of cruises will sail from October 2023 to October 2024. And during this year, the cruise company will see several repeat travelers. One-third of customers also reserved at least two cruises.

This successful booking day comes one year after the cruise line’s biggest booking day in 2021 following the unveiling of its 2022 to 2023 winter cruises.

And this popularity isn’t isolated. Oceania Cruises has seen a string of strong booking days since the resumption of sailing in 2021. A month before its strongest booking day in 2021, the cruise line sold out a 180-day global cruise in one day. And in March, its six-month 2024 world cruise sold out in 30 minutes, a record time for the small company.

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