Poll Shows 52% of Republicans Want Nominees to Show Loyalty to Trump

  • Around 52% of Republicans said they want to hear more about loyalty to Trump, a new CBS poll shows.
  • And 44% of them said they want their primary nominees to focus on the 2020 election, per the poll.
  • It surveyed 2,041 adults in the US from May 18 to 20 on political issues.

Just over half of Republican voters want their midterm candidates to demonstrate their support for former President Donald Trump, according to a poll by CBS News and British analytics firm YouGov.

The results of the poll, which sampled 2,041 adults in the US from May 18 to 20, showed that 52% of Republican voters want GOP nominees to focus on showing loyalty to Trump, CBS reported on Sunday.

Of the Republican voters polled, 44% said they want the candidates to put the spotlight on the 2020 presidential election, per the outlet. CBS’ poll also found that 26% of Republican voters polled want the GOP nominees to focus on probing the January 6 Capitol riot.

Regarding issues that voters would like to see their nominees focused on, dealing with inflation emerged as the top choice among both Democrats (89%) and Republicans (90%), per CBS.

The vast majority of Democrats also said they want to hear more about taxing the wealthy (86%) and racial justice (85%), the outlet reported. On the other hand, Republican voters expressed a strong desire for candidates to focus on stopping illegal immigration (89%) and talk about traditional values (86%).

The poll also asked voters to choose descriptions of both major political parties.

According to CBS, the term “weak” trended the highest for the Democratic Party, with 51% of those surveyed agreeing with the description. By comparison, 38% of those polled concurred with “strong” and 44% agreed with “hateful” as accurate descriptors.

When it came to the Republican Party, 54% of those polled agreed that “extreme” was an accurate description of the party, per CBS. Meanwhile, 50% of those polled concurred with the term “hateful” and 46% agreed that the party is “strong.”

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