What It’s Like Visiting a New York Legal Weed Farm: PHOTOS

  • Legal sales of recreational marijuana are set to begin in New York City in late 2022.
  • The first legal growers were granted licenses in April so that they could have harvests ready for sale.
  • I visited one of the first licensed farms in upstate New York and saw how far there still is to go.

Sometime later this year no one seems to know exactly when — New York City will legally allow recreational marijuana to be sold, opening what’s expected to be one of the most lucrative legal cannabis markets in the world. 

And right now, in preparation for the feeding frenzy, dozens of farmers are growing the marijuana that will become New York’s first legal crop. 

Last Friday, I visited one such farm two hours north of New York City in rural, idyllic Hudson, New York — and saw just how far there is to go before sales open.

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